The 1st Step to creating level flow in any process!

Our CR Auto Scheduler, CR Auto Scheduler Plus, and CR Auto Scheduler ME programs offer multiple features to improve timing and organize work-flow in your repair facility. Our line of programs has a proven track record of reducing cycle time and eliminating the “X” from the collision repair process. The program filters the scheduled dates based on shop capacity, desired job size work mix, work in process, make of car (for parts lead times), insurance company (for insurance wait times), shop sales goals, technician capacity (vacations, etc.), average tow-ins, as well as capacity for the expected delivery date.  No other system on the market uses this patented approach to level scheduling.

The CR Auto Scheduler takes your input and organizes an efficient, cost-effect process that is easy to see, manage and sustain. The program considers your facility, equipment, staffing, and capacity to turn work over quickly and resourcefully without adding extra stress to you and your staff!

Top 10 reasons to use CR Auto Scheduler in your facility:

  • CR Auto Scheduler® reduces your cycle time.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® reduces your costs to repair vehicles.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® provides an expected return of well over 200 times the investment.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® increases the capacity of your repair facility.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® increases the number of customers who will recommend your facility.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® enables your estimators to close more customers.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® has a proven track record, with many of North America’s top companies utilizing the technology.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® has excellent technical support.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® enables collision repair centers to load level by a mix of work and between locations.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® incorporates patent-pending innovations that provide the only solution to eliminating the “X” from the collision repair process.