Customer Reviews of Our Auto Body Shop Software

Customer Reviews Sent to Our Team Directly

“CR Auto Scheduler® works great. We now have 100% control of our business. They do a great job supporting the system.”

Dave Vincent, Quality Body Shop

“After 32 years owning a collision repair facility, I couldn’t run my shop without CR Auto Scheduler®. It has created balance in my facility. It’s a great tool. Support of the program is awesome!”

Dave Jacobus, Jacobus CARSTAR

“CR Auto Scheduler® has given us the ability to handle more vehicles with less stress. We use it instead of a management system. We can add plenty of comments and notes to help our techs. The system is so easily implemented.”

Bill Williams, Richmond Chrysler Dodge Jeep

“CR Auto Scheduler® has removed the Bottleneck from our Refinish Department.”

“CR Auto Scheduler® is the most technically advanced schedule program I have ever seen.”

Erv Guyett, Collision Concepts, Lincoln, IL

“Our production manager can focus on keeping our technicians productive while CR Auto Scheduler® controls the mix of work that we are bringing into our shop.”

“Our facility is more productive now due to the fact that our production stalls are filled with vehicles getting worked on instead of acting as storage spaces for vehicles waiting to be worked on.”

“CR Auto Scheduler®:

  • Allows anyone in the front office to schedule repairs accurately and immediately.
  • Takes all of the guesswork out of scheduling.
  • Has helped us to increase our on-time deliveries by leveling the workload in our shop.
  • Has allowed us to utilize our production space more efficiently by providing more consistency in our drop-off vs. delivery ratio.

Has increased our hours produced per RO per day, which directly relates to faster cycle times.”

Brad Zara, Zara’s Collision Center, Springfield, IL

“CR Auto Scheduler® has improved workflow by equalizing the daily workload. No more in on Monday ..out on Friday. CR Auto Scheduler® reduced the number of “hot” vehicles. Vehicles are not sitting around a few days waiting to be started.”

“No matter who schedules in the job, it is done consistently every time. It seems less busy ..but we are actually getting more done. The hours produced per day have risen since we began using CR Auto Scheduler®.”

“CR Auto Scheduler® is the best product a collision shop could have. It takes the worry and stress out of scheduling. We now bring in and deliver cars evenly throughout the week. The ‘in on Monday-out on Friday’ is over. This has helped us reduce our cycle time and increase our efficiency.”

“CR Auto Scheduler® is very easy to use. We used to schedule manually but could never get a system that worked well. This does the thinking for us and keeps the shop busier without having extra cars sitting around waiting for repairs to begin.”

Brad Shelton, Shelton Collision Repair, Derby, KS

“CR Auto Scheduler® has made it so that anyone at any time can schedule a repair no matter how large or small. It has reduced my input on scheduling and has helped my staff to have confidence in something they thought was guess-work.

I would not go back to any other form of scheduling.”

Randall Blanchard, True Performance, Plain City, OH

“We have been using CR Auto Scheduler® for the last 7 months. We have really grown to trust and rely on it. It has:

* allowed us to have quick and accurate access to our schedule from any workstation in our office.
* Enabled us to improve our cycle time by an average of 3 days.”

“I am also very impressed with the reports we can produce. Some of these have helped us to make staffing decisions.”

“Support has been exceptional.”

Steve Zinanti, Cherry Creek Collision, Denver, CO

“It was pretty scary the first week or two (using CR Auto Scheduler®), not seeing the cars spilling out the door on Monday with everyone scrambling to make space for more incoming cars. But at the end of the month, our sales were great and it is getting better every month.”

“In the past three weeks, we have not had a single car delivered late, and our sales were up 12% over the previous month.”

“I’m getting used to the extra space in the shop, everything is cleaner and car moves are a lot easier.”

Van Takemoto, Island Fender, Honolulu, HI

“With CR Auto Scheduler® we are getting a better mix of work into our shop which is going out much smoother. We have actually been able to produce more work without additional staff or equipment.”

Cathy Brock, Eastside Body Shop, Cincinnati, OH

“During our last major hail storm in May of 2000, using our ‘seat of the pants’ scheduling system, we found ourselves in the worst CSI position we had ever experienced. With the hailstorm that we are in the midst of working through, things have been relatively organized largely due to our use of CR Auto Scheduler®. CR Auto Scheduler® has helped to maintain an even flow of work through our store during this sudden increase in business associated with the hail storm.”

David Donovan, Libertyville Auto Body, Libertyville, IL