What does Collision Resources do?

Who We Are

Collision Resources, Inc. was founded in 2001 by David McCreight and Kent Carlson. Their driving purpose was to help collision repair centers to become more profitable. They understood the self-inflicted damage poor scheduling was having on repair centers, so they created an easy-to-use software solution, the CR Auto Scheduler®, to help improve the flow of cars being scheduled into the repair process. In 2017, David McCreight and Lance Getz joined forces to develop an additional product called the CR Visual Production ManagerTM, a web-enabled production management tool that allows shops to see the flow of production through the repair process. The combination of these two products is the simplest and strongest set of tools on the market today that help a shop create level flow into and through the collision repair process!

What We Do

Managing work in process is key to having the best in class cycle time for collision repair centers. Repairers need a solution that is continually learning, monitoring, adjusting, and recommending the next slot to bring in a car. With our CR Auto Scheduler®, we help collision repair centers create a level

workflow into their shops, and the help them maintain a level workflow through the entire repair process with our CR Visual Production ManagerTM. Our team starts by working with collision repair centers to develop a scheduling matrix that is customized to their shop and balances the workload throughout the week. We then help them define their daily work goals and visual indicators to make the CR Visual Production ManagerTM their own. With the use of our two programs, we help you take control of the scheduling and production of your repair center, and make you wonder how you ever did it before without the use of these tools!

At Collision Resources we utilize this Strategic Process to consistently deliver outstanding value while helping our clients succeed.

Craft a Vision – We work together to clarify what success looks like to you.

Assess the Situation – We gather information to understand your current situation…including available resources and potential barriers to success.

Generate Options – We identify and analyze various options for achieving the vision.

Select Best Option – We make recommendations and together agree upon the steps to take.

Implement – We work with you and your organization to ensure the appropriate steps are implemented.

Review – We work with you to verify that the desire results are being obtained from the steps taken and to revise the plan as necessary.

With over 40 years of experience consulting within the collision repair industry, Collision Resources has the expertise to assist you in a wide variety of areas.


  • Process Improvement
  • Cycle Time Improvement
  • Workflow Leveling
  • Value Stream Mapping

Strategic Planning:

  • Benchmarking of Performance
  • Business Review
  • Business Planning
  • Profitability Improvement
  • Business Investment Analysis
  • Cash Flow Management


  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Planning
  • Communication Planning
  • Business Resume Development

Talent Management:

  • ‘True’ Labor Cost Analysis
  • Compensation Plan Creation
  • Advisory Team Management
  • Personnel Training
  • Leadership Development

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