Auto Body Shop Scheduling and Management Software

At Collision Resources, we strive to help collision repair centers reach their production goals through creating and maintaining a level workflow. Our auto body shop software solutions combine Lean Six Sigma principles, the expertise of our consultants, and the latest AI technology to maintain a targeted amount of work-in-process. We also provide setup assistance, training, and support to enable our customers’ implementation of our auto body shop software into their everyday operations.

Our vision is to enable our customers to maintain a calm and balanced workflow by ending the chaos of the traditional repair process.

Our Auto Body Management Software Solutions

At Collision Resources, we provide several body shop software solutions to help collision repair centers actively manage the flow of work into and throughout their estimating and repair process.

What Our Happy Customers Say

“With CR Auto Scheduler® we are getting a better mix of work into our shop which is going out much smoother. We have actually been able to produce more work without additional staff or equipment.”
-Cathy Brock, Eastside Body Shop

“After 32 years owning a collision repair facility, I couldn’t run my shop without CR Auto Scheduler®. It has created balance in my facility. It’s a great tool. Support of the program is awesome!”
– Dave Jacobus, Jacobus CARSTAR

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