Solutions to Level the Flow of Work Into and Through Your Repair Process

About Our Company

What does Collision Resources do?

Collision Resources wants our collision repair providers to reach their production goals while creating a level workflow. Our products combine lean principles, the expertise of our team and the latest technology to maintain an accurate picture of vehicle status while in your repair facility. Our programs provide an organized method of tracking vehicles and their status throughout the repair process. We also provide set-up assistance, training, and support to assist our customers to implement our products into their everyday operations.

Our vision is to bring customers like you a calm and even flow to the chaos of the traditional repair process.

Visual Production Manager™

Complete Control of your Workflow

Once you have cars in the door, how are you managing their progress through the repair process? With CR Visual Production Manager™, your entire staff across each department can “see” where each vehicle has been, is currently at and where it is headed next to keep the process flowing without delay. Since each car can’t “tell” you what it needs, our CR Visual Production Manager™ gives cars a voice! Click here for a demo!

CR Auto Scheduler®

End the Chaos… Take CONTROL of your Business!

Looking to reduce your cycle time, repair cost and efficiently balance your workload? CR Auto Scheduler® can help you meet and exceed your goals! Our easy-to-use program will organize your input to schedule your work in a way that will reduce time, cost and stress to you and your staff! You want the right cars in at the right time! Let CR Auto Scheduler® help! Click here to see how this program will work for you!

Cycle Time Coach™

Move ahead of the competition with a cycle time coach

Is your business struggling with turn-around time, efficiency and cost-management?  Our professional staff is here to help! Our Cycle Time Coach program will analyze your business and create a plan that is right for your business! Click here for more information.

We understand your struggles

As a collision repair business owner, you continuously strive to add more value to your shop, to improve your efficiency and to keep track of your profits, cash and time.

There’s constant pressure to be the best; as your business grows, the demands on you and your time grow as well. If you’re too busy working in your business to make time for improving your business, it may never reach its optimum potential.

What Our Happy Customers Say

“Could not have had a better experience with Collision Resources! They were very easy to work with when we were getting everything setup and have helped increase my productivity. Thanks!”

“It’s no wonder why these guys come highly recommended. The Visual Production Manager made our workflow a breeze. Not only that but our Cycle Time reduced dramatically.”

Move ahead of the competition!

Is your repair center falling behind? Let our structured approach lead you to the winner’s circle!


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