By balancing the number of vehicles throughout the week, CR Auto Scheduler® – Production creates a consistent work-in-process. This consistency enables the production departments in the facility to have a sufficient amount of work on each day of the week. It also eliminates times during the week when certain departments are unemployed. For instance, many facilities require their detail departments to work overtime on Thursday or Friday while the detailers have few if any vehicles to detail early in the week. The consistent workflow generated by CR Auto Scheduler® – Production enables the collision repair center to produce more work with their existing staff. This consistency also minimizes the number of vehicles on-site. In a typical ‘in on Monday – out on Friday’ scenario, a facility will have significantly more vehicles on-site during the early and middle part of the week than at the end. For these extra vehicles, the collision repair center would also have to store parts. These vehicles and parts only serve to clutter the facility lowering the productivity. Also, greater burdens are placed upon the non-production staff with the increased paperwork and customers to communicate with from the extra vehicles. These problems are minimized by CR Auto Scheduler® – Production by balancing the number of vehicles throughout the week.