How is my business doing?

Our Benchmarking Services and industry expertise enable us to assess your recent performance, both financial and non-financial, and to zoom in on the areas that are critical to your future success.

Our Business Review broadens this assessment to include input from your staff through questionnaires and interviews. This allows us to better understand the culture of your organization and how it produces results. This, in turn, enables us to refine our recommendations for your future success.

How do I make sure my business is successful in the future?

It’s an accepted fact in business that ‘if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards.’ What you are doing now and how you are doing it are unlikely to be the things necessary to ensure success in the future.

Working with you through our Strategic Process, we enable you to visualize a better tomorrow for your business and develop a plan to realize that future. We then work with you to make sure that plan is implemented and the desired outcomes are achieved.

How do I make more money?

As with nearly all of our engagements, we would begin this one using our Strategic Process to ensure we understood what success is in this situation (i.e., how much more money is needed or wanted?). Beginning from that point, we would attempt to determine what is currently hindering the profitability of the organization: too few sales; low gross margins; excessive overhead; ineffective production; underpricing; high receivables; etc. Our recommendations and implementation plan would be dependent upon what we find in assessing the current situation.

How do I decide whether to open another location?

Beginning with our Strategic Process, we would strive to understand why you wanted to open another location and how this would help you realize the success you desire. Once it is clear that opening another location is a key element for your success, there are several services that we could provide to facilitate this expansion. The Market Analysis is one of those services.

Our Market Analysis provides you with demographic and socio-economic information about the market(s) you are considering. This analysis enables you to form a clear understanding of the size and quality of the potential market as well as the customers that you would likely be serving in the market. In addition, the analysis provides information regarding the number and location of competitors and categorizes them by their sales volume. With this Market Analysis you are equipped to avoid markets that are not appealing and to hit the ground running in your chosen market.

How do I increase my sales?

Frequently we met customers who want to jump to increasing or changing their marketing to answer this question. We don’t start there. Instead, we recognize that sales are often limited by factors other than the traffic coming through the door.

With our Sales Analysis, we consider these other factors and make recommendations for minimizing their negative impact upon sales. If further sales increases are desired, we then consider various options for improving your marketing efforts. In this process, we rely upon an ever growing list of marketing activities that we have created through interactions with numerous businesses. Our recommendations are customized to your business so a viable marketing plan can be implemented effectively.

How do I improve my cycle time?

This question is such a common one that we have devoted a number of resources to providing solutions for our customers. Our efforts in this area began with our development and release in 2002 of the only U.S. patented workflow leveling system in the industry…CR Auto Scheduler®.

Since then we have incorporated elements from the Theory of Constraints, lean manufacturing (also known as the Toyota Production System), and Six Sigma into our offerings.

The Accelerated Cycle Time™ (ACT) program guides our clients as they answer twelve key questions that provide direction for their cycle time improvement efforts.

Our Cycle Time Coach service offers clients the option of working directly with one of our consultants to drive the cycle time improvements within your business.

Our Cycle Time Forum is a community of individuals and companies which are interested in cycle time improvement. Questions and responses, articles, surveys, and other information pertaining to cycle time are hosted here.

How do I make my business more effective or efficient?

With the recent discussions about the Theory of Constraints, lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma, among other philosophies, interest has perhaps never been higher in becoming more efficient as a business. When this is coupled with the ever increasing demands for greater performance, that interest moves toward necessity.

At Collision Resources, we emphasize the importance of continuously improving. And while we have an extensive knowledge of these various improvement philosophies and have even incorporated many of their ideas and concepts into our offerings, we do not assume that any of them will exactly meet your needs. At Collision Resources, our goal is not to turn your business into a model for Theory of Constraints, or lean, or Six Sigma. Our goal is to make you successful.

And we will follow our tried and true consulting process to ensure your success. As always, we will begin with your definition of success and, only then, determine whether one or more of these philosophies is suitable for your situation. And if implementing one or more of these philosophies, or elements of these philosophies, within your business will further your success, we will gladly embrace and recommend these to you.