Collision Resources Awarded Patent for CR Auto Scheduler ®

November 2, 2009

Spring Hill, KS – July 8, 2008 – Collision Resources, Inc., a leader in cycle time reduction and process improvement within the collision repair industry, today announced that it recently has been awarded a patent for CR Auto Scheduler®. The patent, issued on April 15, 2008, recognizes the uniqueness of the scheduling methodology employed by Collision Resources within CR Auto Scheduler as developed by David McCreight and Kent Carlson.
CR Auto Scheduler is an intelligent product that learns from every repair a shop performs. The knowledge gained about supplements and about how repairs of various sizes and from various sources flow through the collision repair center is used to fine-tune the scheduling of each subsequent repair. When this knowledge is combined with an understanding of the facility’s capacity and the amount of work already scheduled or in process, CR Auto Scheduler generates multiple scheduling options for each repair that will maintain a balanced workflow.
Many shops feel the pressure to repair vehicles faster and to repair more vehicles with their existing assets. Unfortunately much of their existing capacity is wasted because shops have been unable to manage their workflow and to match it to their capacity. CR Auto Scheduler offers a solution for these shops. By using a sophisticated algorithm to control workflow through scheduling repairs more efficiently, CR Auto Scheduler delivers reduced cycle times and greater productivity to collision repair centers.
“As the industry has looked to improve operations over the past several years, two approaches have garnered significant interest: Theory of Constraints and lean manufacturing,” said Kent Carlson, an owner of Collision Resources. “A critical element of each of these approaches is to maintain a balanced workflow. In the Theory of Constraints, the workflow is balanced to the pace at which the bottleneck produces. In lean manufacturing, balancing the workflow is known as heijunka and, quoting from The Toyota Way, ‘…when you try to apply (lean manufacturing), the first thing you have to do is to even out or level the production.’ The recent interest in both of these systems and the awarding of this patent merely confirms what CR Auto Scheduler’s users have experienced since its release in 2002…everything works better when the workflow is balanced with capacity.”
“After 32 years owning a collision repair facility, I couldn’t run my shop without CR Auto Scheduler,” said Dave Jacobus of Jacobus CARSTAR. “It has created balance in my facility. It’s a great tool. Support of the program is awesome!”