Fall is in full swing which means so is deer season. With bucks on the run there are a lot of things to consider this summer and fall when it comes to having your collision facility run in tip-top shape. However, there are ways to combat the chaos to make sure your facility is running smoothly when the customers start spilling in.

Let’s discuss factors to consider with deer season approaching and ways to combat the chaos. 

The Odds of Hitting a Deer with a Car in the US are 1 in 116.

(Across America) 


Each year, Americans hit 1.9 million animals while driving, including deer. In just one year, The Cost of Deer-Related Accidents Rose from $162 to $4,341. Even though the amount of deer-vehicle accidents has continually declined from 2017 to 2018, the cost of those accidents have jumped majorly. These costs are mostly related to the extensive damage a 300-pound full grown buck can cause to a vehicle.

How Do I Combat the Chaos in My Own Facility During This Season of Collisions?

But with this uptick in business, how do you manage the chaos during these months and level workflow throughout the year? Between our 3 products: Cycle Time Coaching, CR Auto Scheduler® – Production MSO, and CR Auto Scheduler® – Production, we are sure to get your facility functioning in tip-top shape by implementing better time-management, cost effectiveness and efficient procedures for your team to follow.

Cycle Time Coaching:

Our Cycle Time Coaching program can give you the extra boost your business needs to implement more cost-effective, efficient procedures. We will work with you to create a result-guaranteed, structured approach to reduce your cycle time while guiding you through the process with timely coaching and support. 

  • We provide the missing elements to the success formula by providing focus and accountability on the key cycle time concepts.
  • We utilize a wide selection of tools available using the Lean Six Sigma program where we will surgically choose the best-matched approach to long term, continuous cycle time improvement.

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CR Auto Scheduler® – Production:

Our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production and CR Auto Scheduler® – Production MSO programs offer multiple features to improve timing and organize work-flow in your repair facility. Our line of programs has a proven track record of reducing cycle time and eliminating the “X” from the collision repair process. The CR Auto Scheduler® – Production takes your input and organizes an efficient, cost-effect process that is easy to see, manage and sustain. The program considers your facility, equipment, staffing, and capacity to turn work over quickly and resourcefully without adding extra stress to you and your staff!

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CR Auto Scheduler® – Production MSO:

Our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production MSO (Multiple Site Operator), similar to our CR Auto Scheduler, was built with load leveling for multiple shop in mind. Whether you have facilities in one city or throughout the state, our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production MSO will find the optimal location to schedule a request based on capacity and expertise.

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Be faster, better, and different when it comes to handling the unexpected deer collisions this summer and fall by using these 3 resources and implementing them in your facility! Run smoother and stronger today and every day!