CR Auto Scheduler® – Production ME was designed for collision repair centers with multiple locations that are connected to the internet. Since CR Auto Scheduler® is Software as a Service (SaaS), each user only needs a connection to the internet, allowing users to use portable devices such as a smart phone to access the program. This program will allow users from each of the separate locations to work in the program simultaneously. In addition, when scheduling a particular job, estimators can request the scheduling options for other locations as well as the one in which they are located. For instance: A customer at Location A indicates that it would be more convenient for her to drop off her vehicle at Location B. The estimator at Location A can schedule the repair into Location B without leaving their desk or calling Location B. The Location B scheduling options that CR Auto Scheduler® – Production ME provides to the estimator for that job will be the same options that an estimator in Location B would have been given had he attempted to schedule the same job.