With the recent discussions about the Theory of Constraints, lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma, among other philosophies, interest has perhaps never been higher in becoming more efficient as a business. When this is coupled with the ever-increasing demands for greater performance, that interest moves toward necessity.

At Collision Resources, we emphasize the importance of continuously improving. And while we have extensive knowledge of these various improvement philosophies and have even incorporated many of their ideas and concepts into our offerings, we do not assume that any of them will exactly meet your needs. At Collision Resources, our goal is not to turn your business into a model for Theory of Constraints, or lean, or Six Sigma. Our goal is to make you successful.

We will follow our tried and true consulting process to ensure your success. As always, we will begin with your definition of success and, only then, determine whether one or more of these philosophies is suitable for your situation. If implementing one or more of these philosophies, or elements of these philosophies, within your business will further your success, we will gladly embrace and recommend these to you.