Seeing Our Vision For You is Made Easier With Our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production.

Struggling to see straight because of the chaos in your collision repair shop? CR Auto Scheduler® – Production will help you keep clients organized and happy, along with helping to keep your team’s stress level low.
Let’s discuss factors to consider when looking into our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production and ways it will help you combat the chaos.

Be Faster. Be Better. Be Different. With Collision Resources.

How many vehicles should you have on-site to maximize your cycle time and production through-put? Too many to keep up with? Good news for you, we have something that will make your business faster, better, and different!

Our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production is the only collision repair scheduling product that uses AI algorithms to allow your entire staff to embrace the Lean Six Sigma philosophy by recommending three drop off dates which meet the parameters of a balanced schedule.

Happy clients is something we know you need, because your business thrives off of good reviews and recommendations. We want to make sure you gain as many happy customers as possible by being faster, better, and different!


Collision Resources Is Focused On Your Body Shop Gains.

Struggling to find a reason to add on a new software to your shop? Here are five, and we have many more where that came from.

  • CR Auto Scheduler® – Production reduces your cycle time.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® – Production reduces your costs to repair vehicles.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® – Production provides an expected return of well over 40 times the investment.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® – Production increases the capacity of your repair facility.
  • CR Auto Scheduler® – Production increases the number of customers who will recommend your facility.

Wondering why efficiency is so important to us? Because we want you to be able to achieve your highest workflow in your company!


Get The Chaos Out of your Body Shop.

Getting the Chaos out of your daily schedule is hard to do, but not impossible!

The CR Auto Scheduler® – Production allows you to provide the most accurate and comprehensive schedule for your company to run by. They do this by eliminating the rush of work into your business early in the week and the rush of work out of your business by the end of the week. Basically, it allows you to use up that space in your existing capacity, but better! Between your building, equipment, and staffing, time is money. That means, utilize your time better!

Overall, our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production will cause your turnaround time on vehicles to be faster, quality will still be at its’ best, delivery dates are met, costs are reduced and customer satisfaction will improve! After all, we do want our customers coming back! I mean, we hope you aren’t back anytime soon, but if something happens we hope you choose us to take care of your vehicle!


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Be better, faster, and different when it comes to handling the unexpected collisions this year by seeing through the chaos with our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production. Run smoother and stronger today and everyday!