Bigger Businesses Lead to Even Bigger Benefits at Collision Resources.

The bigger the benefits the better for your business, right? RIGHT! Here at Collision Resources, we want to set your big locations up for success through our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production and Cycle Time Coach™ because when there’s more employees, there’s bound to be more problems.

Let’s discuss ways your big business and employees can be set all on the same track.

MSO Optimization for Repair Shops.

Having multiple sites can lead to having multiple problems within your auto body shops whether it is with cycle time, technical support, capacity, or other possibilities. BUT, there is a solution to your MSO! Our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production can better organize your employees, cut down on vehicle repair costs, and can allow you to direct customers to the location with the most availability at the time of the accident! Get your other locations that don’t have so much business more, and let the employees at the busy locations take their time so they aren’t as rushed. Creating a balance within your multiple sites is what we want to help you achieve.



Multiple Site Innovation for Body Shops.

The bigger the business means many more employees, which leads to all the more chaos. Between stop lights, changing lanes, and traffic, we know how busy your collision auto body shops are in the big cities. Let us help you organize all of the customers constantly coming in and out of your shop because at the end of the day, it is all about the customers. Some of the benefits of our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production that will help out with your big city shops are:

  • Increases the number of customers who will recommend your facility.
  • Enables your estimators to close more customers.
  • Incorporates patent-pending innovations that provide the only solution to eliminating the “X” from the collision repair process.



Dominate Your Dealership with CR Auto Scheduler® – Production.

Focus is a predominant characteristic in running any business. Running a dealership and auto body shop in one place can get overwhelming and your focus can be veered towards one more than the other. Our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production and Cycle Time Coach™ allows you to let the expertise, computer and algorithm do the work within your shop while giving you the availability to direct your attention towards your dealership while knowing your auto shop is in good hands!


Be better, faster, and different when it comes to handling the unexpected collisions this year by seeing through the chaos with our CR Auto Scheduler® – Production and Cycle Time Coach™. Run smoother and stronger today and everyday!